Changing Faces

Typographic Detailing & Layout


For the first part of yesterday’s session we had the chance to go around and look at the different books and magazines that were laid out for us. The first magazine I looked at had a lot of information placed on each page, and around 2-3 pictures. They have kept the layout and colours of the print very basic. This article has inspired me to keep my project as simple as possible, because this way I will be able to include more information without making it look too busy.

Different to the previous magazines the ones below show a variety of different layouts, ideas, colours and interesting pieces of photography.  I enjoyed looking at the different magazines/ books and I have definitely gained some new ideas for my project.

After looking at the different books/ magazines we were then set a task in pairs, to create a layout using text provided. Within our layouts we had to consider how the text would be placed on the page and how many columns, we had to consider the heading, subheading, Hierarchy, Indentations, rag and include any quotes that we could find that stood out within the text. This was a good way to practice using typographic detailing and helped me refresh my memory on how each one is used.


However whilst creating the piece, my partner and I discovered that we had spent too much time working out how to set the text and less time focusing on the other important things, like the page size given in the brief.

The article – Concept and Text

The article I’ve chosen to revolve my project around it the article by Ed Caesar, ‘A Decade Lived In the Dark’. The article discusses “Anna Lyndsey’s memoir of extreme light sensitivity”  and how “doctors have doubts about her story”.

The main message in the article is about how Anna Lyndsey raises awareness about light sensitivity and discusses what it’s like to live with this condition.  In 2005 Anna was shocked to feel her face burn whenever she came into contact with light. At first she thought that fluorescent light was the problem, however she soon discovered that it was much worse.

There are a variety of different themes within the article:

  • There is a serious theme to the article, it discusses Anna’s disorder and it tells us how professionals have reacted to it.
  • Humorous – In the memoir by Doubleday, “Girl In the Dark”, it discusses her condition in a humorous way, for example “the injuries that result from having sex in complete blackness”.
  • Dark.
  • It makes you sympathise.
  • Gives a sense of Hope.

Key Quotes:

  • “Burned with invisible fire”
  • The power intensity of a laser”
  • “Totally in the black”
  • “…back to the light”
  • “silent, drinking in the absolute black”.

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