Exhibition layout & Animation

Once we were happy with our project, we then had to start creating a layout for the exhibition ( keeping the app and card game separate).  We decided to keep each page as simple as possible and leave plenty of negative space so that the work is communicated effectively and clearly. However, we faced some problems whilst printing our ephemera. We started to notice that the colours on some of the boards were too light and mistakes were starting to show in our designs.

After printing out our game cards, the writing displayed on our yellow set wasn’t very visible so we decided to change the colour and make the writing noticeable. We changed the colour to purple so that the bright colour will help catch your attention, work effectively to communicate the facts written on them and go well with the rest of the set. We also discussed with our tutor about how we could go about sorting our layout, he recommended that we condense the work into three pages for each piece. I thought that the changes worked really well and made our work look effective once it was all hung up. We kept the layout minimal and even considered the colour of the pins and clips we used to hold the work in its place.

I really enjoyed being able to bring all the work from our project together and see how our ideas have developed over the past weeks. Considering that some of our group members were unable to come in, as a pair, I think we have worked really well to create two successful pieces of ephemera, that work really well alongside our animation. Personally I wouldn’t change anything with our ephemera, however I would like to see how it could be developed on a bigger scale. On the other hand, after watching our animation on the screen it made me think of how we could have changed some of the scenes, for example we could have removed the end scene with the grave stones and  have our ‘Butt head ‘ title pop up without anything behind it. This would help draw the audience’s attention to the title,  making it easier to read.

I have learnt many new skills from this project which I will be able to develop  throughout my time in University and after. I have learnt how important collaboration is whilst undertaking a project as big as this in such short time , because you are able to brainstorm ideas and create really effective work on a much bigger scale. However It is also important to consider that not everyone in the group will pull their weight or turn up, so sometimes I will have to challenge and push myself even more.

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Final completed Animation


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