The aim of the app is to help children understand the effects of smoking. When you play the game you start on level 1 and work your way up to level 20. On the first level you have 9 cards, you then have to tap the cards until you match a pair. If you match a pair successfully the character  you have pressed will pop up and a message will appear, for example “Good Job! You matched two healthy teeth”. However if you match an organ with a cigarette character, the deteriorated version of that organ will pop up with a fact, for example ” Oh dear! smoking is bad for your heart”.

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Once we had sorted the plan for our app, I started creating the app showing what it would look like once it’s opened. I decided to use really light colours so that the app will correspond with the animation. I have also used the ‘Butt head’ logo for the back of the cards and the different colours from the animation on the back. Each character has its own colour to make them stand out. As well as this I have also placed a blurred colour behind the character that pops up once you have matched two cards, if it’s a healthy organ a bold colour will show but if it’s an unhealthy organ a darker colour will show. Once you reach level 2 the cards will double, making it harder to make a match on every level.

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I am very happy with how the plan had turned out. I think that it corresponds really well with the animation and our playing cards. I believe that the game is communicated really well and will work well with our target audience. If we were to create the app, then we would include different levels up to level 20.

The app will also include instructions on how to play the game, quirky sounds as the images spin around and pop up. I think it will also be a good idea to include the same tune used in our the animation playing throughout the game, so that the children can keep focused on the screen. Having a recognisable sound will also be very effective for brand identity.

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The app will also be available on mobile phones.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 15.15.03

We decided we needed to have an icon that would be displayed in the app store. One of my group members decided to start creating the icon and this was his outcome. To be able to fit the title on an icon he has taken the two starting letters using the same style, so that the app is still recognisable without it being written out fully.



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