Matt Harding

Today we had a talk by  Matt Harding a young designer who works as a designer in Halo design studio, Bristol. He started off by telling us how ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is his favourite film and this lead him to discuss how having a personal opinion and having quirky interests is always important. He also said how important it is to stand by what you believe and share your ideas no matter how bad they are.

Finding gold in a sea of Black & White

I really liked this expression because he was telling us how you don’t always get things right on your first try, you are always going to have to create and search new ways to make things work until you find something that you think is right. As well as this he also told us that “we are all in sales“, meaning that no matter how much we love what we have created  if it doesn’t match what the client ordered then you will need to change it. You need to remember that as a Graphic Designer it is important to sell yourself, so everything you create needs to be shown in either a website or a physical portfolio. He also told us that being yourself is by far one of the most important elements to get a job, because they are hearing you not your portfolio!

Matt also discussed with us, what he’s being doing since he graduated and it was really interesting to see his contribution to the industry and made me consider this could be me after I graduate. He definitely had a very bubbly and quirky personality and  was very proud of what he has achieved over the years.

One piece of work that I really liked was the ‘Butcombe’ Beer brand, where they had designed the covers for all the different bottles. Matt told us how he collaborated with an illustrator to draw the different illustrations on the bottles. This lead to him discuss how you always collaborate with different people in the design Industry, showing you why having a confident and enthusiastic personality is so important.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 14.41.23



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