After creating our characters on Illustrator we decided to start animating. We had decided to split the animation so that everyone has to create 15 seconds each. I definitely found the animating to be quite challenging as I have never used After effects before my tutorial on Tuesday. However the more I have used the programme the better I have become at understanding the different settings, as I continue to play around I hope to gain more confidence whilst animating in the future.

As a group we decided that I was going to animate the happy bit of the animation, right at the start of the narrative, where all of the characters are playing in the sand box. After importing the different body parts I was able to create new compositions for each organ. I decided it would be fun to have each organ making a different movement.

I started animating the tooth because this seemed like the easiest. I decided that the tooth was going to stand still but his eyes would be moving, so using the position tool I moved the white dots in the eyes to create a rolling movement. I also wanted to make it quite humorous so I decided to create the eyes so that they were going separate ways. Once I was happy with the tooth I saved it and added it to the main composition where all the organs will eventually be placed.

I then moved on to creating the brain, using the same process as before I used the different tools to have the brain bopping up and down on the spot. I decided that this action suited this character as it was designed with having only legs and thought it was appropriate because the human brain wouldn’t move as much as other organs. I also positioned the brain’s eyes and mouth so that they were moving at the same time as the body.

I wanted to create the lungs like twins and wanted them to be doing the same actions. Instead of creating them moving in different directions I thought it would be a good idea to have them both bumping into each other. I then moved on to animating the heart, moving its arms and legs up and down as if the character is jumping on the spot.

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Once I had completed the characters, I created a new composition, where I put all of the characters together on the original background. I moved the characters around the page so that they weren’t too separated, making sure the others in my group agreed with my decision. I am happy with what I have created, however I do believe there is room to improve. Personally I think that sound would really bring the animation together, so that is something we will discuss once all of the animations are put together.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 16.27.23

After finishing the animation I decided to ask one of my peers for a second opinion. She pointed out that some of the details, for example the smile on the brain character stood out to her more than some the other details, and she suggested that I change the size and width of the mouth. I agreed with what she suggested and changed the mouth on Adobe Illustrator. I think it’s important to consider every little detail whilst animating so that nothing drags attention away from the image as a whole.

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Whilst we started to put all of our animations together one of my group members thought we should adjust some of the characters and include different actions, for example we are going to create one of the characters so that it’s kicking a ball off screen. He has also changed the background slightly so that the colours are lighter and has added a tree to make the scene more exciting.



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