Narrative & Character creating

Today we had another discussion with our lecturer about our project so far. We have decided to continue to  create an animation with children as our main target audience and we have decided to come up with a bunch of quirky little characters to communicate our message.


The animation will start off showing the title of our project, showing the green and blue background. The screen will then show four of our animated characters, all of them will be organs of the human body. The different animations will be moving in their spot, as if they are playing in a sand box. Our ‘smoke monster’ animation will then appear at the side of the screen, holding a cigarette in his hand, whilst the other characters continue to play in the background. We are then going to animate the cigarette being thrown into the sandbox by the monster and the screen will gradually fill up with grey smoke. The happy characters will then be hidden behind the cloud of smoke, and when it rises it will reveal all the organs dying from the smoke. Each character  will show the side effect of smoking on that particular organ.

We decided to create a bunch of unique animations using Illustrator. Using the paint tool we created our characters, using bright colours and bold features. We wanted to create two sides to the animations, we created a pair of lungs, a heart, brain and a tooth. We decided to add small details to the characters to help make our animation more authentic. I had the idea to add a white dot in each of the characters eyes, so that when it came to animating we could move the white dots so that they look like they’re looking around. Another group member came up with the idea of adding small dots to the characters so that they look slightly more fun and unique.  As well as creating characters we also decided to create some gravestones to add to the end of the animation, also using the dots for extra detail.

Overall I am happy with the characters so far because they all have potential to become quirky animations, and there are so many ways we can play around with them. Keeping in mind that this is an animation  for children, it is also really exciting to have created our own characters that will be fun to watch  but also communicate our message about the dangers of smoking.

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