Animation research

In our discussion we were advised to watch this short animation by Johnny Kelly which animates the voyage through natures life cycle using an apple seed. To create this animation he’s used a mixture of stop motion paper craft and 2D drawn animation.

I really like this animation as it keeps you focused with its variety of colour and textures. Personally I think that using this style of animation would work really successfully for what we want to create. Instead of using an apple seed we could use our smoke bubbles, showing the process from when they go through the mouth and their effects on the inner organs.

Anti Smoking Animations

Before starting on the anti smoking animation I think its important to do some research into other animations that have been created  to see how others have gone about communicating the message.

I really liked the simplicity of this animation and how it can be seen as interactive. They have used a popular computer/phone game and used it to show how cigarettes damage your lungs over time, making them shrivel and decay. The animation doesn’t give much information away about smoking and doesn’t tell you directly not to smoke, however the message behind it is very powerful. This video has shown me the power of creating animations without any sound, you are drawn to the watch the video because you can’t just listen to whatever being said.

This video takes a different approach on anti smoking, it uses bright colours and upbeat music, creating swirls and shapes to communicating the effects of smoking has on your body. This type of animation would work really well whilst communicating the effects to children. According to ‘Child’s Mind‘ it says, that “Colour provides a bright side to childhood and it’s fascinating to understand why they are so enamored with it. Colour is a big part of their world. The playful, visually stimulating variations of ‘reflected light’ that we see as ‘colour’ provides a dose of happy energy like that of a child. Bright colour aligns with their energy – young kids are drawn to it and desire playful interaction with it. They play with colour like playing with toys. Like the joy of a kaleidoscope they are exploring with an experimental curiosity about what colour means to them”.

With this animation I really like the sketched animations because they’re really simple and they can communicate the effects without actually saying any facts. This video has definitely inspired me and given me a variety of ideas with how I should go about creating our animation for children.

I was intrigued by this animation because I instantly thought that this is something children would enjoy watching. It’s a simple animation of a personified cigarette showing all the different effects that happen to your body whilst smoking. I think that using a cartoon will keep children interested and make it fun for them, they can then understand whats happening in the most simple way.

Whilst watching these animations they have definitely given me a better idea on how to go about animating the different organs in the body and showing how they change and turn colour when the cigarette smoke passes by. We will definitely use bright colours and basic shapes, whilst also creating characters that children will enjoy watching and keep interested.


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