‘My Uncle Tom’- Presentation

This morning all the Graphics, Illustration and Animation students got together to present their group projects. We all had time to set up our work before having a brief introduction to what key points they wanted to see in our presentation. We were told that it is important to be able to communicate the story behind our work and the design process.

Sketch book

We completed the project by putting all of our best works into a handmade sketch book, the pages varied in size, style and colour. The use of mixed media works really well to show  our own personalities and styles, as well as making it visually interesting. It was important to show the process of our work, leading up to our final piece. The idea behind using stitch was to show how not all of the work has to be created using perfect straight lines. Using stitch allows you to create something slightly more imperfect, sometimes you’re not sure what the final outcome will look like.


The posters

We had the idea of creating two typographic posters and two illustrative posters. However due to the lack of communication and meeting up in university, the final pieces were different to how we had imagined them. However our different personalities are shown in the work even though there isn’t a clear connection to the four posters. I feel that  we should have created the work together and not separately.


Overall the presentation was quite successful as we worked together to sell the work to the audience and included the history behind each piece of work. We were all able to show our personalities and take pride in our final pieces. However sometimes we struggled to communicate and found it hard to explain different ideas and opinions. There was a strong divide in our opinions at times, which we could have overcome if we  had practiced presenting it beforehand.. For group presentations in the future I will definitely make sure that everyone understands each other so that the information is communicated effectively and clearly.



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