Afterlife – Designer Discussion

Gareth Strange – Graphic Designer/ Illustrator/ Photographer.

In today’s afterlife discussion with Gareth Strange he told us about his experiences in the Graphic Design industry, he explained the process of his work and what advice he would have liked to have had before going into work.  He told us that he’s always had a passion for creativity and throughout his childhood he craved perfection in his art work. However once he grew older he started to embrace those imperfections as his experiences taught him that this is what makes you better at what you do.

He got his first paid job when he was in the last year of university, and the job turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The job wasn’t what he expected and he was shocked by what the client had to say about him;

“You look like a Graphic Designer, But I don’t think you can walk the walk!”

Sometimes projects go wrong, and therefore you learn from your experiences. Gareth informed us how important it is to experiment on your own personal projects, for example he decided to do Calligraphy, Animations and portraits of his family, which all led him to different job opportunities.

He worked for a variety of companies and then went on to create his own business called ‘John&Jane’. He believes in being independent and doing work your way, making sure you build relationships with clients gaining insight into what it is they’re asking for.

“Be positive, Confident, Cheeky”

For his final advice he recommended two books that helped him become the best possible Graphic Designer he could be and to see everything as an opportunity. He told us to take freelance jobs and experiment with personal projects, as well as making your mark and sharing  your work!


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