Shepard Fairey

About the artist

“I’ve never really considered myself just a street artist” – Shepard Faiery 

Fairey is an American Contemporary street artist, Graphic Designer, illustrator, Activist and founder of OBEY clothing, inspired by his passion in skateboarding. He was born in South California and did a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Rhode Island School of Design in 1992. Fairey has always been really passionate about art since a young age, he has always been obsessed skateboarder and has had a passion in culture and graffiti.

His Work

You could say that Faiery is one of the most influential street artist of our time using a 20th century style, showing elements of graffiti, Pop Art, Business art and a Marxist theory. His most popular form of work was his poster of Barack Obama, and won the Brit Insurance Design Award in 2009.

The video below really interested me, showing the process of Fairey’s work, using different techniques such as screen printing, using stencils and spray painting, whilst also working with a variety of paper and fabrics. Is work is definitely very influential and inspiring, especially his choice of bold colours.

I decided to do this research on Shepard Faiery as his work is valuable inspiration for the ‘My Uncle Tom’ project my group is working on. Seeing the way the artist uses the different media to create such powerful and modern pieces helps me create a better idea of how I would like the series of cushions to look. I will definitely be experimenting with combining the different techniques, colours and fabrics in this project.

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