Political Ephemera

Race Equality & Civil Rights

Group Installation

Today’s task was to create a piece of Political Ephemera using various media, keeping to the same themes as our own Manifesto. We started by searching BBC news to find the top stories involving Civil rights and discovered that the controversy around Donald Trump really stood out to us, especially the idea of Trump wanting to ‘build a wall’ separating America and Mexico’s borders.

Our first idea was to create a series of posters, using only two colours and inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ album cover (Shown below). The idea was to screen print a brick wall pattern on a piece of A3 paper and then use a powerful, yet simple quote or sentence to be printed on top of the pattern.


However after a discussion with our tutor he made us think of how we could potentially create more of an installation using the idea of the ‘wall’ and our posters. We came up with the idea of placing the posters behind a hanging  sheet, that had the brick pattern painted onto it. We would then cut out two holes at eye level, so that people could look through the holes to see the posters behind.

This idea was developed further, considering the audience, space and time available. I came up with the idea of placing the posters in a dark box that was decorated with the ‘brick wall’ pattern. We could then cut out two holes in the front of the box so that people could view the posters inside, completed with a light coming in through the top.

Whilst creating the piece we then came up with the idea of changing the posters inside so that they were positive and colourful, similar to the ‘Anti-War’ posters that were created in the 70’s. The idea behind doing this was so that the installation was now seen as a metaphor, it makes you consider what side do you want to be on. It also shows the viewer that you have to look past everything to see the bigger picture.

Overall I am very happy with the outcome, I think that the group worked together really well to plan, create and develop the piece. It got me thinking of how I could create this installation so that it would be much more interactive, possibly placing the work on a street where people would physically pull out bricks from a wall, revealing and animation, posters or a single image that would inspire and get you thinking!

The whole project has definitely inspired me to think more about whats happening today and how my designs and ideas can be communicated to help and encourage others.



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