Political Ephemera Research

Protest – The Power and Impact of word, Image and Narrative.

This morning we started by listening to a presentation based on protesting / political Ephemera, showing a variety of examples. We started by discussing the suffragette movement and how their actions, banners and flags successfully won the right for women to vote. We also discussed the Pro-Vietnam propoganda and American presidential campaign posters, followed by a discussion on the power to change and how not all political ephemera is a form of propaganda.

I have learnt that there are many different ways to get your point across when it comes to protesting. I believe that simplicity is a very important factor as it encourages you to focus on whats being said or shown on the sign. The language is also very important to consider, whether you want to be hard and brutal, or light and clear. I have also learnt that being playful and including humour in your ephemera is a good way to attract people’s attention and have an impact on them.

Political Weapons


“the subversive and secretive street artist turned the art world upside-down”

– Will Ellsworth-Jones

Banksy was an England based graffiti Artist o advocated a direct connection between himself and his constituency. He combines a dark humor to his work and executes it using a unique stencil technique. His work has been used to start revolutions and to stop wars according to most, and he seems to be creating his own revolution against the European officials. Banksy uses his art as a weapon to stand up and support refugees and political matters.

Mark Wallinger’s State Britain Installation

15 January – 27 August 2007

Wallinger is a contemporary artist living and working in London. He believed strongly in National Identity, History, Belief systems and the freedom of speech as well as being able “to establish a valid and critical approach to the politics“. In his State Britain Installation, Wallinger marked a line through the building, so that state Britain was half inside and half outside the border.

The installation has 600 weather banners, Photographs, Peace flags and Messages from well-wishes. There is also teddy bears, plastic dolls and hand painted placards.


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