First Things First

Academic research project

Today we were given a task to create something that would inspire designers and share our opinions on the First Things First Manifesto.  In groups we used our creative techniques to brainstorm the different ideas of how we could inspire designers. We wanted to make sure we touch the audience on a personal level and remind them of their passion in the art, and the reason they started to do Graphic Design in the first place. In the discussion it came across that consumerism was an important element to consider and how easy it is for designers to get distracted from day-to-day. We wanted to show in our Power Point that we understand designers and using the power point to motivate them.

We started by reading each others personal reflections on the manifesto and picking out the best sentences. Through doing this it inspired us to think what we could do if we were to collect more quotes from young designers around the world. We then got the idea of creating a social media website dedicated to young designers, and using social media to share the quotes, creating awareness worldwide.

Whilst creating the Power point we wanted to overlap audio (sounds you hear on a daily basis)  to the first slide, creating a sense of distraction whilst stimulating the senses. The audio then ends, removing the distractions and letting you focus on the quotes and allows the attention to be brought back to the real purpose of Graphic Design. The purpose of using quotes was to try to create empathy and providing hope.

We continued to use a simple design throughout, keeping each slide on the screen for numerous minutes for the information to sink in. We decided to create the font slightly bigger on the last slide, and used a darker shade of orange so that the slide would attract your attention and not be forgotten. The colour orange is used to highlight key words such as “Passion”, and is psychologically known to be an optimistic and uplifting colour.



Power Point:




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