Creative Thinking Techniques

Brainstorming / Mind maps

Today we started by discussing the many ways you think creatively. We started by listing the order of a design process and then moved on to discussing how we could use this system in our work.

In groups of three we were given two completely different words and then had the challenge to think what things those two words had in common. My group was given the words Goldfish & Trumpet. We started by discussing the appearance of both words, and found that both had similar qualities, for example goldfish have a shiny orange/gold appearance and so does a trumpet. Another thing we discovered was that the shape of both things were the same, you are then led to imagine a goldfish’s face with the body of a trumpet.

Attribute Listing

Brief history:

  • The system works by getting you to focus on as many attributes of a product or problem as possible.
  • The technique was formed in 1930 by Robert Platt Crawford.
  • An example of creative thinking through using this technique was the Bahco Ergo Screwdriver. They used this system to point out the positives and negatives of the item to create the best product possible!
  • Many varieties.
  • Important to techniques such as Morphological analysis and value engineering.

How to use the system:

  1. Identify your goal, system or product that you want to improve.
  2. Identify 4 to 8 attributes or characteristics of this ideal product.
  3. List as many specific ideas for each attribute as you can. Resist the urge to reject ideas!
  4. Go back through your list of attributes, and circle the best ideas for each one.
  5. Consider how you might combine the best ideas.

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