Group Tutorials & Designboom

This morning we had a group discussion with Neil Angove, who started by discussing the difference between Graphic Design and Graphic Communication. We discussed how both subjects bounce off each other, for example to be able to communicate a message to someone you need Graphic design to portray this purpose. Neil also told us,

“When you begin a project, always begin at the end”

This quote is very relevant to the project I’m currently doing as it makes you realise how important it is to find an idea and then adjust the idea as you continue to experiment with different techniques.


  • Creative Designers/ all creative people
  • Do research into Designboom to see who is their target audience & also familiarise with the company. It is very important to understand to who you are communicating as this will influence your creative choices and design ideas.
  • Important to give your own personal touch to the work, using graphic design to show your unique talents and abilities. This is important to this type of target audience because you need to be as experimental as possible.
  • Whilst also considering the target audience it is important to consider why you are communicating and how you can attract and inform the audience.

Who is Designboom?


I found the group tutorial to be very helpful and inspiring and I now have a better idea to what it is i should be considering whilst creating by booklet. I decided to do some research into ‘Designboom’ and see what they’re all about!

It was founded in 1999 and is now one of the most popular architecture and design magazines in the world. The company is based in Milan, Beijing and New York and has gained a global reach of around 4 Million readers and 450,000 newsletter subscribers. Primarily the business is revolved around digital publication, whilst trying to bring together professional and young creatives. The company works hard to publish the latest news, key issues and unearthing the best projects before you can find it anywhere else! In the 16 years the company has released over 43,000 articles of useful information/ Interviews/ Studio visits/ Documentation/ Reviews/ Exhibitions/ Books and Historical surveys. They have also helped some of the worlds most respected companies to communicate their work and themselves to the audience.

Information and image from Designboom Magazine.





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