Narrative Composition Workshop

Today we had a narrative composition workshop with Anna Bhushan and had to create 12 different perspectives using the image provided. Using the image we had to imagine the scene in the moment and create illustrations from different viewpoints. It was also important that we were able to look at the scene from one or multiple characters view points.

The image I was provided was a photograph of a man stood in a door way, to his right was a  stained glass window and above him was a sign that said ‘Suzy’. The picture was in black and white.

I decided to name my story ‘Whats happening at Suzy’s’ as I have created mystery as to why the two characters want to enter the shop. Whilst creating the illustrations I wanted the first character to look quite nervous and vulnerable . The first character that enters the building  doesn’t realise he is being followed by another person, who disappears when the first character turns around. At the end of the narrative the first person has vanished into the building and then the second person slowly follows.

I have really enjoyed todays task as I have never done anything like this before. Being able to give my personal perspective on what was happening in the image was really quite interesting and being able create a whole story with only  12 grids. This task has inspired me to think more about the images I use in my work and how I could potentially use those images in other ways. I will definitely like to use this in my work in the future and possibly take it further and experiment with making it digitally!


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