Images – series

The first task was to create a set of images to go with a particular subject. I decided to start by brain storming several different subjects, for example history, music,English, Mathematics, Science and Welsh. I went out into Cardiff and took several pictures that would work for these subjects. Using Photoshop I started to play around with different filters and colours, and overall I am very happy with the outcome.

The first four pictures below go under the subject History. To create these images I decided to use a filter that made the images look rather washed out, whilst also working really well to create a dated look to the image. I then decided to use the pen tool to create a bold colourful background so that the buildings would stand out further and also make them look slightly more modern.

The next four pictures go under the subject of Music. I decided use a much bolder filter with clear outlines, decorated with bright and striking colours. I am very pleased with the images, i thought that the filter in the second picture worked best as the instruments were clear and that the colour yellow was quite interesting in the third image. So to create the fourth image i decided to put three different images together, using the same filter as the second picture and one image using yellow.

We then had to take this task further, by creating these images using a certain size frame. After some thought I decided that the images I had created were too overpowering and i wanted to go for a much lighter and natural approach. I decided to do some more brainstorming into much more interesting subjects and decided that Botany and computer science would be very interesting to experiment with.


what is botany?

  • The scientific study of plants.
  • Botanists are usually interested in ecology study and interactions of plants with other organisms and the environment.
  • Some botanists study the structure of plants.


Anna Atkins

Karl Blossfeldt

After doing some brief research into what Botany was and what artists used botany in their work I then had a much clearer idea of what I wanted my image series to look like. I thought that Anna Atkin’s work was very interesting, using blueprinting, where an object is placed on paper which has been treated with ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide, after which it is exposed to sunlight and then washed in water, leading to the uncovered areas of the paper turning a dark blue. However for my images I wanted to create a much sharper and bolder look to the images so I decided that the botanic artist Karl Blossfeldt was more appropriate. I really like how strong his images stand out, and how detailed each one appears. His work also inspired me to possibly create my images in black and white.


 I wanted to experiment as much as I could to make sure each picture worked with one another and to get the best results. Using Photoshop I started by creating a blank page for each image size and then dragging the images I had taken onto those pages after editing. I decided to make each image black and white, in the same style as Karl Blossfedlt, and then added halftone to the image. I decided to use a coloured halftone as I thought it gave an interesting effect. After creating the images I was really pleased with how they turned out, so I then went on to experiment with the layout.

I decided that I wanted to stay rather simple with the layout as the pictures themselves were quite busy, so I thought it would be best to leave a slight gap between each image. I like the amount of blank space that’s left on the page as it doesn’t attract any focus away from the images. To take this further I decided to experiment with putting the images on a black background, however I didn’t think that this worked very well as the images don’t seem to fade onto the page like they do on a white background.

Final layout
Final layout with a Black background.

Computer Science.

What is computer science? 

  • The study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers.
  • Including Software Development, Information Systems and Digital Systems.
  • Follow several core subjects including Databases, Human Computer Interaction and Software Design.

(information from – website).


For this image series I wanted to keep the same style as the first set of images, but add slightly more colour. I decided to use the pen tool and create an outline around some of the main features in the images and then fill the shape with a dark blue, whilst experimenting with the opacity. I thought I would use the colour blue as it was the colour on the computer’s mouse and that I thought it went really well with the black and white background. Again I decided to add halftone to the image.

Following the same structure as before I wanted to leave enough space between each image so that the page wouldn’t look too cluttered. Overall I am very happy with the final piece and believe that the connection between the first set of images fits in well with the second set. However if I was to create this again, I would possibly make the spaces slightly smaller so that the images don’t take over too much of the page and possibly experiment with creating the images so that the page is landscape and not portrait.

Final layout.
Final Layout with black background.

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