Book binding

This afternoon I did a book binding workshop and by the end of the day we had created our own booklet. To create the book we started by cutting paper with a paring knife and then folding it into A5, we then measured and created three holes in the paper. Using thread we had to then stitch the pages together. Once the pages were finished we then went on to create the cover using two pieces of cardboard, binding the two pieces together using a stronger fabric (The purple fabric in the pictures below). To finish the booklet you then had to glue another, coloured A4 paper to the back of each cardboard cover and then glue the stitched paper to complete it.

I have never done book binding before and I have really enjoyed the experience. However I did find it rather challenging at times, especially whilst trying to get all the pages the same size. If I was to do this again I would like to possibly try cut my pages slightly better and use more of the tools to straighten out the creases in the paper, that makes the work look rather untidy.



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