Screen Print

Today I had my screen printing workshop, in groups of five we had to meet in the printing studio at 10am  with our Photos which have been edited using Photoshop. I decided to use a picture of a pomegranate as there are plenty of details to the fruit and would look really effective when layering the print. After a brief introduction to the facilities, we started by creating the first print that would be used as our top layer and then went on to creating our main print.

For my piece I decided to use a dark red background with a lighter yellow print on top and overall I am very happy with the outcome. My idea was for the print to have a subtle feel to it so that the top print wouldn’t be too over-powering. However I would like to experiment with different colours and possibly different layouts in the future, and definitely explore the possibilities of making the prints digitally.

The first print is definitely the best out of the series, this is because I pressed harder on the printing block to get a bolder print. In the others this hasn’t been so successful and parts of the print haven’t appeared on the original colouring.


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