Image- Movement/Time

David Hockney


Todays task was to design a multi panel composition that included either a collaboration or a journey. Before starting on the task I decided to do some research into the works of David Hockney, who has experimented with ‘photomontage’. As I went through his work I decided to pick out certain images that would be categorised as either a journey or collaboration.


Portrait/ Collaboration 

After forming into pairs, me and my partner decided to start sketching some ideas in our sketch books, of what the image would look like and what pictures we would take. Our first idea for ‘journey’ would be to create an image using the university ground, for example photographs of what we see as we walk into university. We then had the idea of capturing someone moving from one side of the road to the other, perhaps focusing only on their legs and what they were carrying, this to give a sense of character.

We started by taking pictures of people walking in and out of a lift, only photographing their legs and shoes. We found that this was quite hard to do as there weren’t many people  walking around, so then we moved outside and instead I asked my partner to walk across the crossing so I could take a series of pictures.

Instead of using solid pictures I wanted to experiment with using transparent blocks, so that from looking at the image you get the sense of movement. I also decided to  create the images in black and white so that the image wasn’t too clustered with colour. However to make the image more interesting I decided to include one colour, and I thought that Ben’s top worked really well to do this.

Over all I am very happy with the outcome, and believe that I have given an abstract and unusual take on photomontage. I also really enjoyed create this image allowed me to  experiment with different techniques that we have learnt over the past few weeks, and given me a better understanding of the tools on Photoshop.

However I did decide to carry on experimenting to see how else I could create an image in a similar way. Using a black and white effect I decided to create and image, showing two girls walking through the university. To give the sense that the girls are inside, I added pictures of the lights above them. In my opinion the image is very effective, it gives a sense of movement and the different shades of grey also gives the image depth and different shadows. However I think that the images should have been placed on a darker background so that they stand out more and I could have possibly used more of the opacity tool.



After today’s session I decided to experiment with photomontage and portraits. The first portrait I experimented with was a picture I took of my friend Ben. Using Photoshop I chose parts of the image, cut them and then re-created the image on a new page. To create a further effect I decided to create some of the blocks so that they were transparent, and I think that this worked really well!


The second image I created was of my friend Giulietta. Using the same techniques as before I created the images in blocks, but this time experimenting with her looking different ways. To make the image more interesting I then decided to turn some of the blocks to black and white and create some so that they were transparent. However after completing the image I am not so happy with how the blocks are placed, therefore it would have been better if I sketched the image before creating it.


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