Background prints- Photoshop

For this project we had to take a part of an image and make it into a print using Photoshop.  After choosing an image I would then crop a part of the image that I thought would make a successful print/pattern. Using Photoshop I would then create a grid system that would allow me to place these patterns any way I wanted!

For my first print I decided to use a photograph I took from a small food court in London. I decided that the lights and the disco ball at the top o the image would be really interesting to experiment with. I decided to turn the image vertically and thought it worked really well as a pattern. However I wasn’t so pleased with the colours of the print, personally I think they’re rather old-fashioned and bland. If I was to try to create this print again I would definitely consider chaining the colours to see if the print becomes slightly more interesting.

To show the print as a background I decided to place a picture of my friend Aggie, within a white frame. The fact I chose Aggie to be the face of the print was because she loves to go out and dance so the disco ball and lights print went well with her personality. However I think I could have chosen a different filter for the portrait as it doesn’t fit in with the background.

The next print I created using a watch, creating it the same way as the last print, but this time changing the colours to a pale green. I really like how this print turned out, especially with the framed picture. Different to the first picture I decided to use another picture of my friend from home, but in using a lighter white and grey colour. I decided to put this picture on the print as she is on her phone in the image, showing how much time we spend on our phones and also because my friend is never on time!

For the next print I decided to use a picture of a town house I photographed whilst on holiday in Greece. To create the print I used a part of the building and the flowers, to give colour to the print. I started by sorting the smaller images into straight vertical lines (the second picture below), I really liked this print at first but the more I looked at it the more it strained my eyes, so  I decided to experiment further. I thought it would be an interesting idea to create the print slightly bigger and change the colours to dark green and blue. Even though I thought that this worked really well, I still decided that the vertical lines just weren’t working!

I also experimented with the opacity, and thought that this worked really well. Having placed the picture behind the print gives hit a unique style and I think that this goes really well with the picture I have chosen. However the larger print is possibly my favourite, decorated with a smaller white frame and the portrait image placed in the middle.






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