Digital print

Experimenting with colours and transparency

Before starting on creating my digital prints, I wanted to experiment with the different filters and colours provided on Photoshop. I started by using the pen tool to follow the Cathedral’s outline, and then fill the shape with two types of different colours, setting the opacity to around 40%. With the last two images I decided to change the filter so that it was black and white, with plenty of contrast. Using the pen tool again I went on to create coloured transparent shapes over the image.

Overall I am very happy with the images I have created, the different colours work very effectively. However I do believe that the filtered images have worked better than the images without. The filtered images are much more striking and create a much more abstract effect.

I then went on to create much more abstract images using the pen tool.

The task was to transfer a photograph into a digital print using Photoshop. I started by choosing five pictures that I thought would be interesting to experiment with for example, pictures with long lines and blank spaces. Using the ‘pen tool’ on Photoshop I carefully outlined the existing photographs, filling the shapes with a different colour, some had solid colours others where more transparent. Once I completed the image, I would then hide the original picture, leaving only the digital print.

The first print I created was of Cardiff Castle, using four different colours. Overall I am really happy with this print. Even though the print is simple, think it’s a very clear image. If i was to do this print again I would possibly get rid of the white outlines and replace them with black lines so that the print has a more finished look.

Cardiff Castle

Even though it’s a pretty simple picture, different colours are quite effective giving the image depth and show the difference between each shape.This is definitely my favourite print, as it is so clear. I really like how the dark outlines on the print separates the image and makes it look rather abstract. However to make the print stand out slightly more, I could put the image on a darker background.

The cactus on my desk

I created this print using four different shades of blue and black. This print is also rather abstract as their isn’t much detail to the image, however the many colours make the print look busy and full. To experiment further, I think I should have used more transparent colours to give the image a playful nature.

Cardiff City



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