Teenage Kicks – Dr Martens Analysis.

Different approaches to material and visual Culture and an insight too the ‘Cultural Markers’ that come with the boots!

Today Dr Martens are known as general fashion wear, but to the other generation this wasn’t always the case. The shoes were originally created as work-wear, made by the German company known for ‘AirWair’ soles. At first the ‘Anti fashionable’ shoes main target audience was public service workers, but over time the brand adapted to the different fashions the 60’s, Punks, Goths, Grunge and Brit pop had to offer.

The shoes showed personality, and  changed their target audience to expressing individuality, social performance and self- fashioning. After time the boots started gaining a different reputation, they were seen as threatening with rebellious connections. Wearing the boots started to represent a political statement, even the women were trying to break the feminist views by wearing the boots.

” Putting on my first pair and instantly feeling like a badass”, Dr Martens 2012

How does this relate to my course?

“objects need to be unique, they need to be symbolic framing, storylines and human spokespersons in order to acquire social lines ” – Pels et al, 2001, citied in Woodward 2007, p153.

Whilst creating my work, I need to think who my target audience is and how I can adapt my work to different generations and personalities. I also need to remember about gender identities, class, sexual identities, social and historical context and social and cultural context.



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