Implicit or Explicit?- Portraits.

Todays task was to learn about the difference between implicit and explicit images. From the brief lecture I learnt that when creating a piece of design work using image is always important to see which pictures are implicit and explicit and if they’re appropriate for the audience and information.

In pairs we had the task of taking a portrait image of each other, after 15 minuets of learning about our likes and dislikes. My partner Ben decided that a strong feature about himself was that he’s quite an imaginative person and he’s always daydreaming. He’s also quite short!

So my idea was to take a picture of Ben so that his face was on the bottom of the page and that there was loads of blank space above him. I also made him look upwards to add to the effect. I’m really happy with how this picture turned out. Originally the picture was slightly lighter with a white background, but after putting it through Photoshop and experimenting with the contrast I really like the black and White effect. What I also like his how all the small details like freckles are shown on his face, making it a more natural and organic picture.

In my opinion the pictures shows Ben’s personality really well. The dark space makes him look smaller whilst at the same time, shows that he’s got a big imagination. If I was to change anything on this picture I would possibly experiment with putting slightly more light on his face, to make his face more visible with less shadows, but over all I’m really happy!


The next image is a portrait of me by Ben. For this picture Ben wanted to show how I had a bubbly and wild personality, whilst also emphasising on the fact that I have red hair. The first idea we had was to try capturing an image of me moving so that my hair move and looked almost like an action shot, but this didn’t work as well as we thought, as my hair covered my face too much! So the next idea we thought would be really successful was if I was to lie on the floor and spread my hair out above me. After some editing he was happy with the outcome and I think he’s done it really successfully.


Explicit image

In the implicit image of Ben I decided to capture half of his face to show how he is rather short, so to create my explicit image I decided to use an object to be able to create the same idea, but in a more obvious way! I thought that making Ben hold a tape measure would give the impression that his height is one of his main features and to add to this I decided it would be really effective if he was too look up at the tape measure at the same time.

Again I am really happy with the outcome as it shows Ben’s character and personality really well, however I would have liked for the picture to have a much clearer background so that all the attention is focused  on Ben holding the tape measure.


Newspaper workshop!

In the afternoon workshop we were split into groups of four and given one newspaper each. My group had ‘The Daily Telegraph’, and together we had to find out who was our target audience, what did we think about the layout and images.

We discovered that it’s usually the older generation and business men/ women who usually go for this news paper, as there was a whole section of the paper devoted to that topic area. We thought that the layouts were very misleading, with most of the headings placed next to pictures that weren’t relevant to that quote or text.

From the newspaper we found five different images to study. Two of the pictures were of the The Queen and Prince Charles  caught off guard, really bad quality! Another picture was of a man holding a fossil, that was made to look like more of a piece of concrete which wasn’t a clear picture at all, So therefore it was really unsuccessful! We chose to include the last pictures of an ex soldier standing in front of a large poppy and a picture of Michel Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both pictures had obviously been taken professionally and therefore looked like better quality pictures than the ones from the newspaper.



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