Robert Longo

“An artist should know art history. Shock value only lasts so long.” – Robert Longo


An American known for his Retrospective exhibitions, bold drawings fusing pop culture and photorealist drawings of jumping people. He was born in 1953 and studied sculpture alongside Cindy Sherman in State University College in Buffalo, NY. He joined a circle of underground artists working in New York creating drawings and sculptures showing masculinity, power, mass media, and urban lifestyles.

I chose to do some research on Robert Longo following his connections to the photographer Cindy Sherman. Sherman’s work mainly focus on women and the different stereo types where as Longo critically recognized for works such as his Men in the Cities series, featuring men and women in business attire shown contorted in odd poses. Both artists use people as inspiration in their work but  have very different views on how they’re portrayed.

‘Men in the cities’

‘Men trapped in ice’, 1980

Created using charcoal and graphite on paper.


Installation view: God Machines

The mysteries 2009

Possibly my favourite works from Longo, even though it’s not one of his well known works, I love the dark tones and shadows created.




Website used for the pictures.


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