Cardiff in Image

Yesterdays task was to take photographs around Cardiff using the themes provided. We put ourselves into groups of four and together we decided what images would go best with each theme. Our themes were;

  • Concrete Jungle 
  • Life of the Unexpected
  • W’Exit 
  • Land of our fathers

We met by Cardiff Castle at 9:30am, a good time to start as the city wasn’t too busy. The first idea we had was to take pictures of the temporary statues placed on the Castle walls, left from the Roald Dahl celebration. As we continued around Cardiff we came across another temporary thing that could work for the same theme, a statue with a comical sticker stuck to the back of it. We decided that this would work best as it was quite comical and ‘Unexpected’,

Life of the Unexpected

In my opinion the picture answers the theme perfectly. We edited the picture slightly using Photoshop to play around with contrast and brightness so that the sticker was slightly more obvious.

We then continued to the St Davids car park and thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Cardiff from really high up for the theme concrete Jungle.  We then thought that this would be slightly too obvious. We then came across some ruined buildings and construction workers, which we though would be a really good idea, as there was one building that wasn’t demolished and one that was.

Concrete jungle

I love the angle that this picture has been taken from, I think the difference between both buildings is very effective, as if its showing a before and after. I also like how the first building is closer than the demolished building, giving the image depth and balance. However I think we should have edited slightly more on this picture, possibly experimenting with it in black and white or even to experiment with making the very few colours stand out.

The next image we tried finding was the ‘W’exit’, we found that this was a really hard image to do. We decided to find an image that would show Welsh pride, so we decided to be very simple and take a picture of the welsh flag, floating,


In my opinion the image is rather simple and could have been better, but I think that the strong colours of the flag  and the red flag under it, show that these are the colours you think of when talking about Wales.

For our last picture we wanted to get an image that would go with the theme ‘land of out fathers’, the idea we had was to get an image that would show Welsh heritage. We decided to take a picture of the Church as religion was a big part of out Welsh heritage and also that the architecture and construction of the church was done by those before us.


I really like this picture, I think that the image of the cross is really effective and the different layers gives the image depth. Personally I think we could have experimented more with shadows and contrast on the building, to make it look more striking. What would have also been successful is if the Welsh flag was in the picture, which unfortunately wasn’t up.


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