Planning My Type Specimen Poster

First draft, playing around with fonts and sizes, before starting on the poster.
Just using the date the font was made

My fist idea was to split the page in half, one side would be white and the other black. Using inspiration from a poster I had studied I created the heading as if it was a part of the black background. Splitting my poster into 12 columns I placed the text above the heading in black writing, using the ‘Baskerville’ font. To show examples of the font and to make them stand out on the page I decided to create examples using, Capital, Bold and italic letters. The poster is to celebrate the ‘Baskerville’ font and show all its elements, on the black side of the poster I decided to create some larger examples of the letters in grey scale this makes them more interesting and visual. To  include the fonts history in the poster I placed the birth date in the top right corner of the black background.

one of my final poster ideas.

On my final draft I have also included an image of the font being used as the heading for the ‘American Gangster’ film poster. I have also included the quote “The king of fonts” that shows its one of the most used and recognised fonts. I really like this poster, it shows the font in a traditional and elegant way just like the font itself. However in my opinion the design is slightly too formal to be a poster, I should have used the size of the page slightly more and possibly created some letters so that they all weren’t just straight and simple.

This is the first draft of my second design, i have used all black for the background letters with white writing over the bold black square. However I wasn’t happy with how simple and plain this design was.
I then decided to change some of the letters to grey scale, which I thinks makes it look less clustered and gives the poster depth.
Th next idea I had was to find a quote that would complete the poster, at the same time showing an example of what the Baskerville font looks like in italics.
Lastly I decided to add the date of when the font was created to the bottom of the page in grey scale, filling the blank space.
Final type specimen poster idea

The final poster was pleasing, the layout celebrates the font in an elegant and traditional way.  I also like how the grey scale gives the poster depth and breaks the letters so they don’t look to clustered on the page. However I could have possibly experimented with what the letters look like in bold.

After reflection I decided to experiment further and see what the poster would look like if I inverted the colours.

Using illustrator to invert the colours
Experimented with the same design but different colours

I thought the lettering in the background was quite effective on the solid black but I think the middle part of the poster wasn’t as striking as it was with a black background.


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