Examples of type specimen

The main reason I chose this poster was because of its strong layout; using the whole of the page and the heading to show this. I really like how the letter ‘u’ is filled with text, this shows a large example of the typeface. Another strong feature is how the text looks almost as if its stuck to the letter U,this ties the information together in a clear and tidy way. I also like the how the words aren’t in a straight line possibly showing the playful characteristics of the font.


I really like the layout of this poster, the solid black on top of the white background, the contrast between colours makes the poster stand out. The writing on the white and background stands out he work together nicely and gives the poster the detail so that it’s not to simple and doesn’t drag too much attention. The layout of the page is really strong because it celebrates the font in a unique way that doesn’t look too clustered on the page.


The following poster is quite simple but very effective in my opinion. The poster focusses all its attention to the style of the font and possibly showing that it’s quite a simple and elegant font by not playing around too much with the styles and layout. There is also plenty of ways you would experiment with this layout too, possibly inverting the colours and experimenting with how the letters and texts are placed.


This is one of my favourite layouts because it uses the space on the page well and all the characters have a sense of connection. The unique layout catches your eye which is why it’s so successful. The poster also makes it clear that the font is known for its sharp lines and serifs, showing this through the way it’s placed on the page.


Even though the poster below celebrates a much bolder and bigger font to the Baskerville typeface the layout of the poster is very unique and stands out. I really like the use of the space on the page, how all the letters gather  on one side of the page , possibly showing how the typeface is quite modern and futuristic. However this poster is not completed without the effect of the colours so it isn’t useful for the type of poster that I want to create.


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