Six word story

Using Illustrator

After deciding what six word story I was going to use and sketched a couple of ideas in my sketch book. Using Illustrator on my iMac I started creating letterforms. I started by choosing two different fonts, one Serif and one sans. In my piece I wanted to show two sides, one side was the innocence of the ‘boy’ in the story and the other would be the ‘gigantic rhino cloud’. The picture below shows a mix of sans and serif letterforms which  was quite successful, however I thought that I could make it look more Innocent, so I continued experimenting!


The next one I did was slightly more rounded. However I still thought that it was quite simple and it needed adjusting!


Final piece

I am really happy with the final poster, I think the fonts I have chosen go together really well and that the use of upper and lowercase letters really show the difference between innocence (the boy) and danger (rhino cloud). I am also very happy with the layout of the writing, creating the word ‘Gigantic’ slightly bigger than the other words really emphasises the words meaning. I’m also happy with the word ‘Eat’ because the sans and serif words work together to make it look like someones has taken pieces out of the word. I decided to place the words so that they were bigger at the top like a cloud rising from the ground. However if i was to do it again I would have experimented with using a black background and a white font to show more detail and possibly arrange the words so that I use more of the page.



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