Quentin Blake: Inside Stories


This morning we visited the Quentin Blake, inside stories exhibition in the Cardiff National Museum. The exhibition focused on giving an insight to the artists work, especially his most famous illustrations in the Roald Dahl books.

The way the exhibition was set out and how his work was displayed on the walls was really effective. Using 3D titles it drew me into the piece, it was a really clever way of making it visually attractive for the reader.

What did I take from this?

The exhibition allowed me to visually see Quentin Blake’s illustration techniques and how the museum have selected and organised each piece. As a graphic designer/ communicator its important to understand how to exhibit work for maximum impact. From the exhibition I now know that using different colours can set different moods, for example in the Quentin Blake Exhibition ‘The children’s stories’, were set up on a white wall with colourful illustrations. In comparison the illustrations that were aimed at an older viewer were placed on a grey wall. It was also very clear that the work was curated so that the exhibition flowed seamlessly as one piece, the illustrations got slightly more sophisticated, from one end of the room to the other.


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