Planning my six word story

To be prepared for creating our six word stories from Roald Dahl we had the task of coming up with our final ideas and creating sketches of how we want the writing to look and how we want it to be set out on the page. I started my plan by creating one page full of different six word stories, including stories from ‘The Twits’, Matilda, The BFG, James and the giant peach and Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Some of my ideas were;

  • Two hairy people like pulling pranks.
  • Magical girl levitates jug of water.
  • Girl has weird addiction to books?
  • Crazy couple have very long hair!
  • Gigantic rhino cloud eats boy’s parents.
  • Mr & Mrs Twit are VERY, VERY hairy.

For my final piece i decided to use the  ‘Gigantic rhino cloud eats boy’s parents’ story. I chose this story  because it was unique and quirky but also it didn’t give too much information to the reader and catches their attention so that they want to know more. Another reason I had for choosing this story was because the words give me freedom to experiment, for example I can create the word ‘Gigantic’ by using capitals and adjusting its size to emphasise its meaning.




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