Letterpress Workshop

This morning I attended a letterpress workshop with Tim Martin. I had never done letterpress before so it was really interesting to learn how you use metal blocks to create your prints. In our ‘Dalton Maag’ group we learnt how to make prints,  place inc on the machine, set up our blocks and then how to tidy up after!

The first step was to choose something to write. I decided to use the quote “A typeface for a modern world” from the ‘Dalton Maag’ website. To start we had to place the letter blocks against a thin piece of led so that it created a straight line. To support the letters and keep them in place I then had to put pressure on both sides of the blocks using pieces of wood and metal (top right picture).

Once the block was done we then got to start printing. I started off by placing my metal block in the machine, I then made sure I had enough printing inc to make a clear print. After rolling inc over the letter blocks, I placed my my paper so that the letters printed on it.

Im happy with the final prints, but if i was to do them again I would make sure that theres enough Ink on the machine and that I apply enough pressure to the paper to make the letters stand out even more. However, I really like how well the black and red prints look together (Top left), when you put them together it creates a really modern effect and therefore fits in with the quotes meaning. I also like the red print on the tissue paper (bottom left), even though the smudge wasn’t intentional, it works well to create an unusual effect.


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