Hybography is defined as a hybrid because to be able to create it you must cut two existing typefaces to create a completely new and unique typeface.  So to be able to explore this further we were set the task of creating new letter from using both Serif and Sans-Serif. I chose to use the word ‘Adjust’ and explored the many ways I could create the letterform and convey its meaning. As inspiration for this exercise I was recommended to visit the following website. This website was very helpful to show what different typefaces look like when they’re put together.

 Step 1 – Sketch my ideas.


Step 2 – To choose one of the ideas to go forward and create it on a bigger scale.

I decided to use the word ‘Adjust’, it gave me the freedom  and inspiration and I was able to reconstruct it to portray its meaning. I started by turning the the letter ‘A’ upside down so that the person thats looking at it would know to ‘adjust’ it. To improve this idea I chose to do draw the words half serif and half sans-serif. Im fairly happy with the final piece, but if I was to do it again I would experiment with changing the size and the height of the letters and possibly turn more of the letters to different angles or upside down.

From this exercise I learnt how to change the appearance of letters so that the words meaning is shown visually and how effective it is to combine Serif and Sans-Serif typefaces.


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