First week

Introduction to typography and typographic forms. 

The first lecture I had was an introduction to typography. From this I learnt that typography wasn’t just words on a page, but also the structure of ideas and the management  of letters. I also learnt that over time typography has changed and developed being influenced by politics, the economy, society and technology. To be able to get a further understanding of what it means to use typography I  researched quotes by experienced type designers like Bruno Maag,

“There’s a simplicity in typography that demands absolute accuracy… the only way you can experience it by doing it, and you cant do it on a screen because a screen never gives you the entire picture”.

After getting a better understanding of typography, I then researched different typographic forms, finding examples of the letters and their definitions, using the following link as a guide.

This research showed me the difference between each type form and what makes them unique. It was an interesting task that gave me a deeper insight into the different typefaces and help familiarise myself with the examples. However, I found this task quite challenging as some of the terms were difficult to find and hard to draw.

Cardiff in typographic forms

Using the typographic forms, we were then set the task of finding photographic examples of the letters around Cardiff city centre. My group had the task of finding examples of Humanist typefaces, Trifurcated serif and Versals Lombardic.

However this task was harder than I expected. Being able to find the right styles was a difficult task and we spent a lot of time focusing on the wrong styles of writing. I found that using the research from the night before was very helpful and helped me understand  what styles we were looking for. If I was to ever do this task again I would  do slightly more research and find more examples of the styles of writing to make the task easier and more straight forward.

What next?

The next step was to use the styles we discovered through our photographic research to draw examples of the letters on bright coloured paper. The letters where then cut out and used to create an exhibition in the main entrance of Cardiff School of Art and Design. Though doing this workshop I learnt how to use my research and my creative skills to create an exhibition in a short amount of time. Even though it was a simple task, the idea behind it was much bigger. Not only is the exhibition a collection of random letters and styles but it is also a portrait of Cardiff City Centre, with the letters representing all the companies in the town.











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