Field reflection

I have enjoyed both of my field projects and I definitely have been inspired. For my first field project the brief was to create a ‘bespoke chair/stool or seat’, responding to a specific project brief based on the results from a client interview. We were provided with a 16 square foot, 4’x4’x12mm, or 1200x1200x12mm sheet of birch to create the chair, as well as using our own secondary material. We were put into pairs and together we worked collaboratively to create an unique chair for our client. I was happy with our final outcome, however I struggled to understand how I could combine my skills in Graphic Communication and bustling the chair. Throughout this field project I felt slightly pushed aside as I knew this was my partner’s subject area.

After completing everything I was proud of what we had achieved and was inspired by the design process, even though I’m not sure I could do it all again without help from a product designer. What I enjoyed most about this project was working collaboratively with a subject very different from my own, something that will definitely help me in the future. Within my subject area I am used to working with others to create my work, so I was happy working collaboratively. It was interesting to see how others work in their subject, for example, how their work is more ‘hands-on’ whereas my work as a Graphic Designer is slightly more computerised.  Personally I thought that my partner and myself worked together really well as we had plenty of ideas to share and got things done fairly quickly. At first I found it difficult to incorporate my graphic design skills into the work, however I was able to come up with some ideas that would help the appearance of the chair.

For my second field project I had the chance of travelling to Morocco and spent the week exploring the city and culture, all whilst getting to spend time with others outside of my course. Whilst in Marrakech we had plenty of opportunities to sketch and take photographs of the different areas of inspiration that we thought would be helpful for our project. My group definitely had similar ideas as to what we wanted to portray in the project. We came up with the idea of creating a book, that would include a feeling for all of the senses, using the spices, orange blossom, tea and fabric dyes we bought in Marrakech.

Overall the most important thing I have learnt from field is how to work collaboratively with other students and finding new ways of combining Graphic design with other subjects. In my first field project I was struggling to find a connection to my course, however by the trip to Morocco I started to explore different ways I could include ideas from other subjects in my work. Field has also inspired me to think outside the box whilst designing as well as giving me the opportunity to build on new skills, that I possibly wouldn’t have in my subject.


Portfolio development

I wanted to keep my portfolio quite minimal so that the design wouldn’t distract the viewer away from my projects, as well as keeping to a consistent colour scheme. My first idea was to create a repetitive pattern that I could use as a consistent background throughout my portfolio. However after playing around with the pattern I felt as if it didn’t compliment my style of work and that using imagery would work better to express my personality.

I wanted to use imagery to make my portfolio more personal to me, I decided to use images I had taken on my trip in Morocco because they were strong and exciting. I believe  that the images complimented the pink colour elegantly and gave me a constant theme throughout. I decided to change the opacity on the pink shade on some of the pages to create depth and make sure that it wasn’t taking any attention away from my work.


Plus Show

This year’s degree show was called the Pl{us} show and consisted of a variety of unique, bold and colourful work. It was interesting to see the different range of styles and platforms used to communicate and inspire. The work I enjoyed the most were the ones with the most experimentation and colour. I was really inspired by the hand stitched editorials and experimental collage. I believe that each of them have used an appropriate colour scheme to compliment the text and message behind their work. However, it wasn’t only the work that inspired me, the layout of the work was executed nicely so that it complimented the work and showed it in it’s best light!

Different to last year, the dissertations were also made into an editorial piece to make sure that their work wouldn’t be wasted. It was inspiring to see how much work the students had done and how hard they had worked was definitely noticeable. My favourite pieces are the ones that didn’t take a traditional approach, instead they experimented with different paper colour and sizes, decorated with unique and colourful work.


After completing the work we each gave a three-minute presentation of our work to our clients. Overall I think my group worked really well together, we were able to communicate effectively and help each other when needed. When It came to presenting, we worked well to put the presentation together so that each slide would effectively come after each other and we all knew what time we were going to be speaking. Whilst creating the work we were all able to give each other useful feedback and found ways in which we could help each other create successful pieces of work.

If we were to do this again, I would definitely work on my presenting skills, so that I could have the confidence to speak in  detail about my work and the reasons behind each piece of design. Personally I think that practising my presentations even more would benefit me as well as giving me the confidence to speak about my work. Another thing to improve would be to be able to meet up with the whole group slightly more often so that we could share our ideas and possibly help each other to create more work.

In our last meeting with the client they were happy with our outcomes and could see how everyone’s work could work over different platforms. If they could have improved one thing they told us to work on our presenting skills and to gain slightly more confidence whilst speaking about our work.


Design Process

After the last meeting our clients asked us to send our work to them as a pdf so that the whole team would be able to review the work and give feedback. The feedback was very useful, I was happy that they could see how the designs could work in practice, however they suggested a couple of helpful changes that I should make;

  • They suggested the idea of slightly changing the ‘mouth’ illustrations so that they were less ‘scary’ to some viewers, whilst they understood not everyone has perfect teeth they would like see the designs altered.
  • The second piece of feedback was to include the word ‘cancer’ in my slogan to test to compare.
  • Lastly they wanted to me to see if I could place the ‘Teen’ between the index finger and little finger and the word ‘spirit’ under the wrist, using the handwritten style.

My ideas

After the second meeting we discovered that the client liked the idea of having hand written type alongside the digital text, so I decided to experiment with different ways of how I could include a handwritten type. Below, I created the writing by hand and then using Illustrator to make it digital. I decided to experiment using different colours for variety as they also liked the idea of sticking with the teen cancer colours.


From my feedback it was clear that the clients preferred the thicker text and wanted me to experiment with how it would look placed on the ‘hand’ logo. I decided to place the text in different ways to see which one was most effective. After asking my peers for their opinion on which one worked best, I decided to use the logo with the text slightly slanted between the fingers ( Bottom right), using the red outlined illustration (Top left).

TEEN SPIRIT9In my feedback, I was told that if they were to use my work they would use the hand logo as their main logo, for posters and stationery. and they would use the mouth illustrations for different events. As their main persuasive posters I used the slogans “it takes more than one voice to make a difference” and “lets help make a difference for young people with cancer in Wales” to include the audience and make them want to make a difference. To create constancy I decided to use the hand illustration as the background pattern.

Teen Spirit updated2

In order for them to see how the work would be used I decided to create and example of how letter heads, business cards and compliment cards would look using the colours, logo and pattern. Teen Spirit updated3Teen Spirit updated4

Using the feedback given to me I then decided to create the event posters using the mouth illustrations. I changed the illustrations slightly so that they included more teeth and looked less scary to viewers. The first poster below would be the main poster and depending on what event would be taking place, the background colour could change. The posters would include the slogan “It takes more than one voice to make a difference” as well as including the name of the event and information. Teen Spirit updated5

As part of the persuasion I decided to look at the ways I could draw people to the events without using posters. I decided to experiment with placing the illustrations as stickers in public bathrooms, events, shops, bars and schools/ universities. The stickers would be placed on mirrors so that people would be able to take pictures of themselves with the mouths over their faces. This would then remind people of the different events and the cause and make them want to take part and volunteer.

TeenSpirit 4

Another idea was to create badges and stickers that could be handed out at events, in schools, fresher fairs and could be worn by the team. Teen Spirit updated6

Teen Spirit – Design Process

In our second meeting with the clients we had started to create some work to give them an idea of the approach we were all going to take. We also had a chance to speak in more depth about what they needed from us. We discovered that ‘Teen Spirit’ didn’t have a brand identity, therefore we were going to need to create an identity for them before creating  persuasive designs.

I had decided to create a set of illustrations that would work alongside the slogan “have your say with ‘Teen Spirit'”. The illustrations are decorated in the colours used on the ‘Teenage Cancer trust’ website and logo and they can be used over several platforms. I created the designs first by hand and then put them through Illustrator to make them digital. My reason behind creating these designs was to make their brand seem youthful and fun, to show people that if they join this group they are not only making a difference,  they are having fun and working with others to put a positive spin on the subject.

TeenSpirit 3

My second idea was to create a hand symbol as a logo, this logo would change colour depending on what platform they would be using it.  In the meeting we discussed how they create different events, for example, a glitter ball to raise money for the charity. My idea was that the colour of the logo could be changed for each event, so that people could understand what type of event will be taking place. Again I created this logo by hand and then digitalized it using Illustrator. The symbol I have used is usually related to partying, youth, rock and is relatable to all ages, therefore I thought it would work well for the target audience and presenting a positive spin on the brand.

TeenSpirit 8